Model, Fabricate and Erect All Structures Faster and with Better Quality

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for structural steel detailers and fabricators.
You can create a detailed, constructible 3D model of any steel structure from industrial and
commercial buildings to stadiums and high rise buildings. The extensive library of components or
macros enables the rapid creation of shop detail drawings. Working with Tekla Structures and
the numerous productivity tools provided is the most productive way to manage detailing and
produce working shop drawings error free and on time.

The information-rich models provide a powerful source of intelligent and well organized
information for fabrication, with data for CNC processing, material handling and robotic welding.

Tekla Structures Rebar Detailing provides the most powerful, yet straightforward, 3D modeling
environment for cast-in- place rebar detailing, Rebar Detailing automates repetitive rebar detailing
and documentation tasks such as creating rebar schedules that comply with local codes.

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Easy to understand Software

With intuitive management tools the construction-quality information is always easily at hand for
reporting and material handling. You can automatically export data to rebar MES software and
cut-and- bend and mesh welding systems. Easy to understand rebar assembly guides with 3D
visualizations reduce RFIs, improve quality and make prefabrication and rebar placing on site
accurate and more efficient.

Working with Tekla software is a smarter, more efficient way to do steel detailing and rebar